We help you maintain your car.

The secret to automotive longevity is routine maintenance.

Proper maintenance will minimize your breakdown and repair costs and maximize your vehicle reliability and safety.

Brake maintenance will not only save you money by preventing premature part replacement, it also will keep you, your family, your vehicle occupants and others safe. Manufacturers have extended routine maintenance intervals to 10,000 – 15,000 miles plus(!). When subjected to South Florida’s severe driving conditions, brakes that are marginally acceptable when inspected could fail before the next scheduled service.

Here in Broward County, Florida with extremely high

  • temperatures
  • humidity
  • traffic congestion

most vehicle driving conditions would be considered severe by any manufacturer’s standards, even if the vehicle is driven slowly and cautiously by a little old lady. And don’t forget, vehicles that are not used regularly (at least bi-weekly) or that are only used for short trips are also considered to be in severe service.

Mercedes Scheduled Services Technician checks tire pressure

Our Ashcroft digital tire pressure gauge is accurate to one hundredth of one P.S.I.

Brake wear

An aggressive driver with a stop and go commute could wear-out a set of brake pads in less than 15,000 miles. On some vehicles, that’s less than the manufacturers’ suggested maintenance interval for oil service. On-board brake wear indicators help, but they’re not available on all vehicles. Manufacturers don’t state how long the vehicle may be driven once the brake pad wear indicator light has come on. At Autobahn, we suggest having the brakes checked and replaced within 250 miles from the time the brake pad warning appears.

Autobahn Performance shop technicians Cody our one-eyed guard dog posing by our old street sign


Cody, our one-eyed guard dog, posing by our old street sign