Have you been in an accident in Broward County?

It could happen . . . If it does, call Autobahn Performance: 954 873-4695

Did you know that it is your right to have your vehicle towed to the facility you want (unless the police are impounding the vehicle for their investigation)? Many authorities and tow companies will try to have your vehicle towed to their yard. Do they know your vehicle? Do they want to help you with your vehicle or do they just want to earn storage charges? Demand that your vehicle be towed directly to Autobahn Performance.

Accident FAQ

Even if your vehicle is totaled, we can help you obtain the proper compensation for your vehicle. If it isn’t totaled, we can repair your vehicle along with our affiliates at the well-respected Fort Lauderdale Body Shop known as State Auto Body Inc., which is just across the street from us. If you are injured or someone else involved is injured, we have several friends and customers who are experienced attorneys, and we would be glad to provide you with their contact information.

Also, make sure to contact the police and obtain a police report if there are any damages. Don’t trust the other person even if they admit fault and agree to pay for the damages. Chances are they are not insured or licensed, and once you leave the scene of the accident it is almost impossible to prove their involvement or fault in the accident.

Crumpled front end of Mercedes-Benz 300e 4matic

Mercedes-Benz 300e 4matic was totaled from this left front corner hit

One shop’s idea of how to fix a customer’s car


This customer’s custom Toyota Supra Turbo was totaled by another shop’s negligence while they worked on his car.

We worked with the owner’s insurance company to show repairs we had done to the vehicle in the past, along with the photos we had taken at our shop. This helped prove the value, condition, improvements, and repairs that had been done to the vehicle. so that the owner’s insurance company could estimate the value of the vehicle. We were also able to print duplicates of the customer’s receipts that were destroyed by the fire.

Toyota Supra Turbo - before the fire

1994 Toyota Supra Turbo in our shop for service

Toyota Supra Turbo destroyed by engine fire

Same car towed to us after fire damage