Mercedes 107 Evaporator Drain

Bulletin / Update

We had a very good regular customer who had a history of water leaking on his feet and the floor of his 1974 Mercedes 450SL (107 chassis). We cleaned the evaporator drains several times but the condensation water from the evaporator would still leak into the car, especially on turns. It would leak even right after we cleared the evaporator drains.

We found a Mercedes service bulletin that referenced this vehicle and the exact complaint. We performed the steps in the bulletin. They involved modifying the evaporator drain pan and adding 2 more condensation drains.

All later Mercedes 450sl , 380sl , 500sl and 560sl models have 4 evaporator drains and are less prone to condensation water backup problems. Originally there was a bulletin that just involved removing the rubber flap at the end of the evaporator drain; this repair did not work and Mercedes soon published a new bulletin that added the two extra evaporator drains. We also replaced the center console on this 450 with the later style 380 / 560 console and console side carpets. The new style console fits much nicer to the dash and seems to be made of a more durable material.

Mercedes 107 evaporator drain Mercedes 107 evaporator drain Mercedes 107 modified for 2 evaporator drains per side of vehicle Mercedes 107 modified for 2 evaporator drains per side of vehicle Evaporator drain old and new console side by side comparison old and new console side by side comparison mercedes 450sl console cracked This photo shows the original cracked console and the worn loop pile carpet side panels. This car was very clean except for the console. Mercedes 450sl console update This photo shows the completed center console replacement. The new side carpeting is a darker brown but did not look out of place and made the vehicle look much better. The other carpeting could be ordered to match. old Mercedes 450sl console Finished 450sl console Drivers side view of the finished console and side carpet installation.