CHange your car’s engine oil regularly.

Modern car engines — especially turbocharged engines — run hot and their manufacturers, for competitive reasons, wish to extend service intervals, including oil change intervals. These factors stress engine oil.

Today, oil sludge is a frequently encountered problem. Sludge is thickened, contaminated oil. Sludge doesn’t lubricate well, so friction increases. The result of continuing to operate a badly sludged engine is seizure of moving parts and complete engine failure.

Even a slightly sludged engine can cause engine damage by clogging the oil pump pickup screen or the oil filter. Lack of clean lubricating oil will damage the engine within seconds.

This is the underside of the oil cap of a badly sludged engine.

To avoid sludge problems, change your car’s engine oil regularly!

We sell Lubro-Moly oil products which can prevent sludge if used correctly, and there is even a product to chemically clean and remove the sludge if it’s already in the engine.

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A Customer’s Badly Sludged Mercedes-Benz V-8 Engine
We repaired this engine by rebuilding the cylinder heads and using chemical and mechanical methods to remove the sludge from the engine block. The oil pump and the engine bearings were checked and found to be in serviceable condition. This was considerably less expensive than replacement with even a used engine.