Flood Vehicle Repair

We’re in the process of attempting to repair a 2003 Mercedes E350 (211 chassis) flood vehicle. The vehicle is clean and doesn’t smell inside. The new owner bought the car at a super low price, but was unaware of what he was getting into. We see this a lot and if you’re not familiar with the electronics or the complexity of newer vehicles you need to get an expert opinion before purchasing a vehicle with any type of damage (water damage, accident damage, fire damage, etc . . .)

This vehicle ran and drove and appeared clean to the purchaser. We’ll repair some initial wiring and controller area network communication problems and then see what electrical components and gremlins need to be worked out after that. Here are some pictures of the main battery cable: it’s almost one inch thick and is completely corroded internally (turned the copper strands into copper oxide — a highly resistive white powder). I’ve also posted pictures of ground connections that need to be repaired and some C.A.N. connectors or bus bars that need to be replaced and the harness connectors cleaned or changed.


We have a Flood vehicle info page on our website.