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Performance tune “chip” with Autologic

Simple reprogramming of your vehicle’s computer to enhance performance and drivability. With horsepower gains of up to 60HP and torque gains as much as 100 pound-feet. Can be re-tuned at any time if program is interrupted, eg. dealer re-flashes your computer for no charge.

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B&B Performance Exhaust

Since 1989, Billy Boat Performance Exhaust has designed, tested, and manufactured the highest quality stainless steel exhaust systems available. Today in its state-of-the-art facility, Billy Boat continues to develop the highest performing exhaust systems for most sports cars, trucks, and SUVs.


BMW E60 535TT Exhaust System


* CNC mandrel bent T304 stainless steel tubing throughout entire system

* Hand fabricated T304 stainless mufflers incorporating B&B’s Purge Resonance Technology

* 3.5” round double wall tips enhance the cars appearance

* Muffler and tips are fully polished to a mirror-like finish

* Available with “Satin Black” finish on the tips

* Performance increases of 15HP and 30Ft-Lbs of torque

* Reduced turbo lag

* Straightforward installation: no welding required. Includes all mounting hardware

* Limited LIFETIME warranty

Call for a quote on B&B Performance exhaust in Ft. Lauderdale at Autobahn Performance Inc: 954 771-5181.


It’s not uncommon for BMW M3 or other modified E46 chassis vehicles to crack or tear the vehicle body at four spots where the rear subframe (differential and rear suspension assembly) bolts to the body and trunk floor.

This problem is also more likely to occur if the vehicle has oversize tires or is raced or tracked. It’s best to reinforce this area before a crack begins. Hard launches or clutch dumps could tear the entire differential and suspension from the vehicle if cracked mounts are left unrepaired.

You want to prevent this. Cracks are beginning on the body where the rear subframe bolts to the body. BMW E46 cracked subframe mount You want to prevent this, as well: body is torn where the subframe mounts to the body. This is dangerous. BMW subframe crack

Badly cracked and torn E46 rear subframe mount.

BMW E46 torn subframe mounting

How to reinforce BMW M3 / E46 rear suspension area

This customer is preventing the problem from developing even before cracks started on his 2003 M3. This car has oversize high performance tires and other chassis improvements that would make it a prime candidate for subframe mount failure and cracking. We are going to TIG weld the reinforcement brackets in place. TIG (tungsten, inert gas) welding is preferred in this situation as we will be welding a thick piece of steel to a thin piece of sheet metal. It can be done with a MIG welder, but the strength and appearance of the TIG weld would be almost impossible to duplicate even with the most experienced welder.

BMW E46 no cracks It’s important to disconnect and isolate all electrical components when welding on a vehicle. The battery should be disconnected and terminals of the vehicle cable ends should be shorted together during welding. Don’t stare at the welding arc in this picture or you will burn your eyes! Just kidding! BMW E46 mounts TIG welding Freshly TIG welded BMW subframe reinforcement

The slot in the center of the reinforcing plate is to strengthen the center of the reinforcement. In this area, the first layer of the factory sheet metal needs to be cut or ground through so the weld can properly penetrate the thicker and stronger under layers of the unibody structure of the vehicle. Clean and paint the welded area inside and out.

BMW E46 subframe mount reinforced Proper TIG weld with good penetration. This area should not fail even with performance modifications to the vehicle and track abuse. TIG welded BMW E46 subframe mount With the rear suspension assembly removed from the vehicle, now is the time to make other chassis performance improvements such as Turner Motorsports Inc. camber arms / lower control arms. These are adjustable to correct camber on lowered vehicles. BMW E46_rear suspension assembly

Negative Camber

Most manufacturers design negative camber into the suspension to improve handling.

When making sharp turns all of the force would be on the outside edge of the outside tire (the one with the most force on it during a turn) if there were no camber in the rear wheel (straight up and down). By tilting the tire in at the top (negative camber) tire pressure to the ground and tire temperature can be optimized, greatly improving the handling of the vehicle. The negative side effect to this is, when going straight the tire is riding mostly on the inside edge; this causes rapid tire wear and can be dangerous if you don’t inspect your tires regularly. The outside edge of the tire that is easily visible could appear almost new, but the inside edge can be worn down to the inner cords of the tire, causing a blowout and possible crash. Camber camber tire wear Tire wear due to negative camber can be verry dangerous. The outside of the tire, the area that can be easly sean can look new with almost no treadwear and the inside edge could be worh through the cords of the tire and cause a blowout. Mercedes has a service buelitin on this issue and restricts using certain tire models that wear out quickly due to soft tread. Keeping the tire pressure correct is important to minimize camber wear, The wear will be greatly amplified if the vehicle is driven with the tire pressure too l camber wear mercedes

Log: July, 2011

nstalling Fully sainless steel exhaust system on 2010 E90 335I Twin Turbo. This system was made very well and installed easly in about 2 hours. The sound is throaty and crisp but not overbearing at cruising speeds. This is a very well designed system.