BMW service and repair specialists

Fort Lauderdale

Autobahn Performance Inc. has specialized in BMW service and repair since 1992. We have dealer-level equipment and resources and a large inventory of commonly used BMW parts in stock for quick repairs. We diagnose problems with BMW's ISTA and ISTA-P online dealer diagnostic programs and with the Autologic scan tool.

BMW engine diagnosis setup
BMW repair in our Fort Lauderdale service center

BMW factory scheduled maintenance

by our trained experienced technicians

We install only top-quality name-brand fluids and OEM filters. They've all been tested and approved by BMW.

Our materials and service procedures conform to BMW factory recommendations.

How often should I service my BMW?

We recommend that you follow BMW's service intervals as defined in the Maintenance Intervals section of your BMW's service and warranty book.

BMW cast aluminum cam cover
In this sequence, Gerd performs a BMW factory scheduled maintenance at our Fort Lauderdale car service center.