Cold solder joint repair on Mercedes module

At Autobahn Performance we can sometimes save money and time for customer by repairing cracked or cold solder joints. Manufactures seem to use too little solder at times and joints with high current / heat tend to crack over time. We are experienced at repairing these circuits. Here are some images of a recent circuit repair.

Removing broken axle stub with welding rod.

It’s been a while since I needed to use this trick and it saved me (and the customer) about 8 hours of labor. This 2010 Mercedes C300 204 chassis vehicle broke the rear axle shaft (“half shaft”). It sheared clean off where it comes out of the side of the differential. Vehicle was in a minor accident and somehow the axle twisted and broke. We used a miller stick welder and the largest diameter welding rod we had around. We let the rod get a good molten puddle going in the center of the broken axle stub and then pushed the electrode straight into the weld puddle stopping the arc. We quickly unclamped the rod and shut the welder off. After allowing the rod to cool we used a slide hammer with a vice-grip attached to the pulling end (This is also a neat and usefull trick / tool I made). I tightly clamped the vice grip to the end of the welding rod and with one good pull of the slide hammer the broken stub popped out still attached to the electrode. The new axle went in fine and everything worked good without removing and disassembling the differential.

Porsche Cayenne coolant tee failure (plastic)

We are working on a 2008 Porsche Cayenne V8 Turbo. The vehicle developed a coolant leak behind the engine against the firewall. After painstakingly gaining access, we found that a cheaply made plastic coolant tee connector had become brittle and failed. We obtained a parts schematic from Porsche but nothing in the diagram looks like this. This part is probably a Volkswagen part as the Touareg is built on the same platform. We could install a brass tee with hose barbs on it in place, but will give the dealer more time to produce the correct part. We may find that the part is available only as a hose assembly. We will add the correct part number and a picture of the new part when we find it.

Volkswagen 2.0l TDI engine BHW oil pump / balance shaft modification to gear drive assembly

The VW TDI (Diesel) engine of 2005 is prone to problems with the oil pump assembly. The oil pump that came in the car is chain-driven and the pump also drives the balance shaft that smooths the engine vibrations. VW has updated the balance shaft and oil pump assembly to a gear-driven unit. The chain and chain-tensioner of the original style assembly wears and creates slack, lowering oil pressure. This can eventually break and cause no oil pressure and severe engine damage. The oil pan needs to be removed to gain access to the assembly. (This also requires lowering of the sub-frame assembly.) The front lower timing cover / crankshaft seal fixture needs to be removed and the factory chain-driven gear pulled off the front snout of the crankshaft with a special puller. Ours came right off with the special puller. We’ve heard of difficulties removing the gear and having it break and needing to be chiseled or cut off. The new crankshaft drive gear needs to be heated to the proper temperature and it will slide right in place. There is no key-way for the drive gear. The balance shaft assembly is timed with a special lock tool. The oil pan and lower timing cover are sealed with sealant only — no gasket. Special VW-approved Diesel oil must be used in these engines.

Ken Satterlee Memorial / Celebration Party at Autobahn

Ken Satterlee Life Celebration Party

Autobahn Performance Inc.

698 ne 45th st Oakland park Florida 33334

954-771-5181  ask for Bob Or Jason

Saturday 7/28/12

Starts at 1:00pm

Please RSVP with the number of people attending.  Anyone that knew Ken is welcome with their Guest also.  Bob or Jason

Casual attire (Hawaiian shirts and ripped blue-jeans a plus)

From I 95 get off at the Commercial Blvd exit (exit 33) go East on Commercial 3 traffic lights to Dixie Highway. Make a Right (South) at the first traffic light make a right on NE 45th street also called Floranada (just on the opposite side of Dixie from Kens old shop) Floranada winds to the right and then the left keep following the road to the west and west and we are on the south side (about 500 yards west of Dixie highway.

A Celebration of Life


Ken Satterlee

1/21/1945 – 6/20/2012

Survived by,

  • Mother, Gladys Read
  • Brother, Peter Satterlee
  • Sister, Joy Satterlee
  • Daughter, Kelley Satterlee
  • Son, Ken Satterlee Jr.
  • Grandchildren, Amberlyn and Kaleb Satterlee

Ken Satterlee was born January 21, 1945 and grew up in south Florida. In 1962, Ken joined the US Army and was assigned as a medic to the 101st Airborne division. In May of 1973 Ken became a father to his daughter Kelley and in September of 1975, his youngest child, Ken Jr., was born. Ken also became a pilot in 1975. Through the eighties, Ken was an engine builder and company pilot for a NASCAR Winston Cup team, incorporating the two hobbies he loved. In the late eighties, Ken and his then wife Nina, took a second mortgage on their home, and built what we all knew as Dixie Precision — once again, turning what he loved to do, into a way of living. Building high performance race engines, Ken worked on everything from local stock ears and Harley Davidson’s, to road racers and vintage Ferrari restorations. The legacy of his talents will be sorely missed and always honored by all of those in his personal and professional life. Ken is survived by his mother Gladys Read, brother Peter Satterlee, sister Joy Satterlee, daughter Kelley Satterlee, son Ken Satterlee Jr. and grandchildren Amberlyn and Kaleb Satterlee.