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Jason Athanas

Jason is owner and president of Autobahn. He started Autobahn Performance Inc. in 1992 when he purchased the company from Bill Beserick. The name was changed from Autobarn (where Jason was an employee) to Autobahn Performance Inc.

Jason started his automotive carreer learning Automotive as a minor at Fitchburg State College in Fitchburg, Massachussetts where he majored in engineering. He also attended University Of Massachusetts Lowell, and Broward Community College in Florida.

Most of Jason’s learning and experience came from hands on and apprentice experiences. He went to work for his uncle John Zaraledis, owner of J&R Foreign Cars of Lowell Massachusets, at the age of 15. J&R Foreign Cars specializes in VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and most other foreign manufacturers. John and his original partner Roger Cartwright had many years of dealership experience and passed along their knowledge to Jason.

Jason got his first car, a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396 “Big Block”, at the age of 14. He worked on and repaired the vehicle night and day until it was in such good condition that when he got his drivers license, the day he turned 15 1/2 (as the state of Massachussetts would allow), he did not want to use it as a daily driver. He bought a 1985 Chevy 4×4 K20 pickup truck to use as daily transportation to keep the Camaro garaged and out of the northern winters. Almost 25 years later he still has the Camaro! Growing up in Tyngsboro Massachusetts, on Scribner Hill Rd. Jason worked on his vehicles, friends vehicles, neighbors vehicles and relatives vehicles.

Racing has always been in Jason’s schedule. He has been working on race cars since 1986 when he was 16 years old. His good friend Michael Mazur and Michael’s father Mike Sr. owned a Super Modified racecar that was driven by great drivers such as Benley Warren, Doug Hevron and Eddie West. Jason was just a helper at the time but learned about racing at tracks like Star Speedway (now called All-Star Speedway) Hudson Speedway in Hudson, NH, Oswego Speedway in Oswego, NY, and Sundusky Speedway in Ohio.

Jason is currently and has been the crew chief on a Super Late Model series car that has run sucessfully throughout Florida and the southeast since 1993. He has worked with several drivers but has been with Jonny Kay and the A-Best Forklift team most of the time. Together they have been Triple Crown champions, Hooters Cup champions, S.A.R.A. champions, and have won races at most of the tracks in Florida. The team recently acquired a Nascar Modified racecar, and plans on racing at many more locations and events.


Ice Hockey is one of Jason’s favorite pastimes. He plays on two teams at Pines Ice Arena in Pembroke Pines Florida. His Hurricanes (formerly the Sharks) team finished in first place in their division in the winter 2008/2009 season. He has been playing on the Sharks team for over 10 years. The Hurricanes have a game every Monday night. Jason and a few friends started a team in a higher division in 2003, named the Hawks. The Hawks were league Champions in the 2007 season.

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