We’re a family-owned business which has been servicing cars at the same Broward County location and with the same owner since 1992.

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The Autobahn Advantage

Our main objective is to establish service on a personal level. We’re small enough to know most of our customers by name, but large enough to handle technical problems with state of the art equipment and resources.

We hire only experienced reliable technicians who have the training and tools needed to service your vehicle properly.

Our techs work for YOU

Our technicians are paid salary or hourly, so it’s of no benefit to them to sell extra unneeded work on your vehicle, or to rush a job without completing it properly.

Dealers use the flat-rate pay system (in which technicians are paid by the time it should take to complete a job, not the time they actually worked on the job.) If a technician at the dealer can rush a 4 hour job and complete it in 1 hour, they still get paid for the 4 hours. Is your vehicle getting the attention it needs with a flat-rate mechanic working on it? We take the extra time to do the job correctly the first time with the fewest parts to ensure the repairs are completed correctly.

Why not “take it to the dealer”?

We’re superior to our dealership competitors who can offer neither personal service nor the level of experienced staff we have.

A technician at the dealer could have been working on bicycles a few weeks before he was hired to work on your vehicle. That’s not to say the dealer doesn’t have highly-skilled and reliable technicians, but are all of them skilled and honest enough to meet your needs?

Can you be sure that your advisor at the dealer assigns your vehicle to a qualified technician?


The business was bought from William (Bill) Besarick in 1992 by Jason Athanas. Jason was an employee of Autobarn (barn?) for several years. He didn’t like the name so he changed it to Autobahn Performance Inc. when he purchased the business.


What our customers say about us

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quotation marks Hands down the best! I have had several of my cars (Mercedes) serviced there over the years and I have never been disappointed with their work. Service repairs has often come in under estimated quotes because they are FAIR and HONEST about their work! I also have referred several of my friends and they all have thanked me as they were happy campers too!

John H

quotation marks  I have to say that there are actually honest good guys out there that repair cars. The pricing is fair and they are so HONEST! Thanks so much guys!

Kelly F

quotation marks They revived my 1985 Mercedes 300D, and stayed within my budget. Best mechanics in the business for European cars. Period!

Terri F

quotation marks  Wow, I am extremely impressed with the service and treatment.

Angelica S

quotation marks  I took my car into Autobahn Perfomance a while ago, but I do remember the staff and service was excellent. I broke down around the shop, and brought the car in while it was overheating and barely drivable. They gave me an excellent price to repair what was needed, and they did the repairs perfectly. I always recommend this place to people for honest prices and quality work.

Michael M

quotation marks These guys are the best mechanics in town. They have been working on my BMW for years. They always do quality work, I have never had to take it back to them after they fix something, and when I drop it off they usually get it back to me that same day or the next. They are hands down the best mechanics I have found in South Florida.

Patrick Z

How our location benefits you

We’re not on Federal Highway or on a major crossroad. We’re conveniently located in north central Broward County Florida, less than two miles from the Commercial Boulevard exit of I95. Our location allows us a large facility with a low overhead cost. This means that our services remain competitively priced. We don’t have huge elaborate showrooms or giant chandeliers that drive up overhead costs.

Our low overhead means that you save money on every service.

Autobahn Performance building